Deriv Celebrates 25 Years

Deriv Celebrates 25 Years

Introduction: Deriv, one of the world's largest online brokers, has reached a remarkable milestone as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1999 by Jean-Yves Sireau, the company has transformed from a pioneering fixed-odds trading service to a comprehensive platform serving over 2.5 million registered users across the globe. With an unwavering commitment to accessibility, innovation, and employee wellbeing, Deriv continues to shape the future of online trading.

From Regent Markets to Deriv: Breaking Free from Traditional Brokers Sireau, a visionary entrepreneur, recognized a gap in the market for retail investors seeking to engage in fixed-odds trading. By developing sophisticated systems and algorithms, he laid the groundwork for what would become Deriv. Initially known as Regent Markets Group, the company later rebranded to before finally adopting the name

Throughout its evolution, Deriv has remained dedicated to its core mission of making trading accessible to anyone, anywhere. The company aims to break free from the high commissions and clunky products offered by traditional brokers, delivering a first-class experience to digitally-inclined traders, regardless of their account size.

A Comprehensive Trading Platform for Global Markets: Today, Deriv offers a wide range of financial instruments, including CFDs and derivatives on forex, stocks, indices, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and derived indices. The platform continually innovates to provide users with a seamless, cost-effective trading experience. In the last month alone, Deriv facilitated over 187 million trades and processed withdrawals exceeding USD 46 million, highlighting the platform's global reach and reliability.

Core Values and a Thriving Company Culture: Deriv's success is rooted in its strong company culture, guided by four core values: integrity, customer focus, competence, and teamwork. The company prioritizes fairness, transparency, and customer satisfaction while nurturing a collaborative and growth-oriented work environment. These values have been instrumental in shaping Deriv's journey and driving its future growth.

A Great Place to Work with a Diverse Global Presence: Deriv's commitment to its employees has earned the company prestigious accolades. In 2023, Deriv was certified as a Great Place to Work™, achieving an impressive overall score of 88%. The company has also received Platinum accreditation from Investors in People and been recognized as a Best Workplace for Women in Paraguay and the UAE.

With over 1,300 employees representing more than 70 nationalities across 20 locations in 16 countries, Deriv boasts a diverse and inclusive global workforce. The company fosters rapid growth and offers exciting career opportunities for talented individuals looking to make an impact in the fintech industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Practices: In addition to its business achievements, Deriv has strengthened its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company's Cyprus office has spearheaded environmental initiatives, donating and planting over 2,000 saplings in Limassol, with plans to plant an additional 3,000. By integrating ecological responsibility with employee recognition, Deriv strives to cultivate a culture of sustainability that extends beyond the company's walls.

Conclusion: As Deriv celebrates its 25th anniversary, the company reflects on a remarkable journey characterized by innovation, growth, and an unwavering dedication to its customers and employees. From its humble beginnings as a pioneer in fixed-odds trading to its current position as a global leader in online trading, Deriv has consistently pushed boundaries and set new industry standards. With a solid foundation built on core values, a commitment to accessibility, and a focus on sustainability, Deriv is well-positioned to continue shaping the future of online trading for years to come.

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